Opt-in Form Widget Options

Add the following script to the header of the page you wish to embed the webinar registration form on:

<script src="https://my.audiencefire.com/js/widget.js"></script>

Below you will find all the options available for customization of the form. By default only name and email are captured but you can also get the last name and phone number.

        webinar="Unique Webinar ID"
        autowebinar="true" // Required for automated webinars
        btncolor="#Hexcode" // default #0084ff
        cta="Custom Button CTA" //default "Register Now"
        lastname="true // default false
        phone="true" // default false
        phoneph="Custom Phone Place Holder" //defualt "Mobile Phone"
        gdpr="true" // default false
        consent="GDPR Consent text"  // default "I accept these terms"
        gdprlink="URL To your terms of service"
        linktext="Hyperlink text for gdpr link"

ManyChat EverWebinar Registration

You can install the free ManyChat template here: EverWebinar Template: https://manychat.com/template/7fd0d070a3edc585e719d069abd6c0fd34c3eaae WebinarJam Template: https://manychat.com/template/b9125c6add624b0de279cd5a386f30645f1e2a55

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