How To Add ManyChat to Your Webinar Thank You Page

Adding a ManyChat widget to your custom thank you page requires only a few steps. *This is only available for the Optin Form type campaigns.*

Create a ‘Standard Optin Form’ campaign

In your Audience Fire dashboard create a new campaign. You have the option to add a custom redirect after registration. This will work on both a custom redirect and the webinar provided thank you pages.

Create Your ManyChat Growth Tool

When creating your ManyChat growth tool you should be aware of the following:

If you are using the standard webinar thank you page you can only use Overlay type widgets

If you are using a Custom Thank You Page you can use the Overlay type widgets or the embedable types:

After creating your widget and campaign we can now setup the Thank You Page

Tracking Scripts

You will need to add the following scripts to your Thank You Page tracking scripts header.

Make sure to check that your ManyChat script is installed and that your domain is authorized.

// Add your ManyChat tracking script to the header
// Also make sure that you have the Audience Fire Widget script 
<script src=""></script>

Audience Fire Pixel script tells us what ManyChat widget you are using:

// Add this snippet to your page header
<script>const AudiencePixel={"mcid":"__your manychat widget id__"}</script>

You can find your ManyChat widget id here:

If you are using a Custom Thank You page you can place your embeded ManyChat widget code where you would like it to appear.

// Place the ManyChat widget Embed where you want the widget to be

ManyChat EverWebinar Registration

You can install the free ManyChat template here: EverWebinar Template: WebinarJam Template:

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